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University chapters



The chapter of the university said
The son ChengZi yue: "university, KongShi suicide, and beginners of the door also virtue." Eager to learn the attached for the ancient visible, alone the article on the deposit, meng should take second place. Scholars will learn who is how, it is not the very poor yi.
University of way, clearly in Germany, in close to people, stop yu zhishan. The check and then have known for, and set and quiet, quiet and Ann, Ann and fear, fear and then can. Things have put, things have beginning and end, and know that you have, is a faster route will do.
The desire to TianXiaZhe dr.yuan jialiu, first for the kingdom. To put to the feeling emigre, all its first home; All the home to the first, to repair the body; To fix their body, who is the first heart; To the heart is the first meaning honesty; For their sincere, who caused the first known; To know in the standard. And to know things lattice, know to then means honest, sincere heart and mind is, the heart is and the blade, and the body home together, and then the states well governed families regulated, countries to in peace and tranquil.
Since the wrong callings that, one is to cultivate one's morality is for this. Its this mess and the governance ever at the end of the right, the thin the thick, and its the thin and thick, not have also!
Right after a chapter, the cover Confucius of speech, and of tsang. Its preach chapter ten, tsang is the meaning of the crown's master and remember also. This paper is quite old, today for ChengZi set by and, more test scriptures, don't be a sequence as follows.

The chapter ten

The first chapter

Kang again yue: "g mingde." Big armour yue: "regard the day life." Emperor Canon yue: "who's high." Since the Ming is also.
The right is the head of the chapter. Buddhism's clearly.

The second chapter

The soup plate inscription yue: "otherwise the new day after day, new, and the new." Kang again yue: "for new civilian." Poems said: "weeks old, their life is the only new." Hence, the gentleman have no need not to the extreme.
The right second chapter. New civilian release.

The third chapter

Or: "bond ji, but the people that far." Or: "Min pretty HuangDiao, and ending at the high place." Confucius said: "to stop, knows what is check, can people than birds and!"
Or: "MuMuWen king, YuJiXi and stop!" A gentleman, check YuRen; A minister, and ending at worship; For the son of man, and ending at filial piety; For father, and ending at kindness; And people pay, and ending at letter.
Or: "James' he q Macao, and Lu bamboo Yi Yi ophir. Have a gentleman, such as cutting, such as Cuo is regarded as a burden xi xi grinding, Hector xi xi. Have a gentleman, which did not end, make xi!" If you cut the such as Cuo. Enlightenment also; Regarded as the grinding, self-taught also; Joseph xi xi, who Xun chestnut also; Hector xi xi; the dignity; Which is a gentleman, will not make the xi, featuring the supreme good way, don't forget the people also. Or:"
In before the king does not forget to play! "Gentleman's Yin Yin and close its close its, SIMS, happy with her joy but the the benefit, the MeiShi do not forget to also.
The right of the three chapters. Stop yu zhishan release.

The fourth chapter

Confucius said: "we also fairly, judah, will also make no suit!" Shall not do the cruel phrase. The big fear people volunteer, this call knowledge owners.
The right of chapter four. Release put.

Chapter 5

This call knowledge owners, this call known to also.
The right of the five chapters, cover and the standard of the release know righteousness, and wu yi. Idle ChengZiZhi meaning to make up for stealing taste of yue: "to know the so-called standard, to know the word to us, in principle also things and its poor. Cover the spirit of the heart, and the world knew all things right, but in principle is not poor, so its not. Is also has knowledge of the university teaching, will make the beginning is the thing that scholars, is known for its right of the poor, for the benefit of and to its very hard. As for on the long, and when he suddenly, the breakthrough of content into the thick of all, we have the heart to all use no unknown yi. This call things case, this call known to also."

Chapter 6

The so-called sincere its meaning: not deceived also, such as evil stench, such as a good color, and this is thy modesty, so a gentleman in its alone will also! SIMS is not bear and get, and, behold, a gentleman and then anaerobic however, its not Yan, and its good. The people on yourself, such as see the lung liver but, what it will do. This call faithfulness to the, form at outside, so a gentleman in its alone will also.
Engzi yue: "ShiMuSuoShi, ten, its strict referred to hand!" Company house, DE embellish body, XinGuangTiPan, reason gentleman will sincerely E-mail.
The right of six chapters. To release the sincerity.

Chapter 7

The so-called cultivate one's morality is the heart in the body to his , is not it is; Some fear, is not it is; Have good joy, is not it is; Some anxiety, then it is not. Distracted, turn a blind eye, turns a deaf ear, food and did not know its taste. This call cultivate one's morality is the heart in.
The right of the seven chapters. Buddhism is the heart cultivate one's morality.

Chapter 8

The so-called qi its home in to repair the body of the people the beloved and how monarch, the base of the evil and how monarch, the fear of worship and how monarch, the AiGuan and how the monarch, the measurement of ao and how monarch. So good and know the evil, evil and know its beauty, who will do all the fresh! It is never the yue: "people don't know of their evil,'s hen than mine." This call body not to fix, not their home together.
The right of the eight chapters. Its release cultivate one's morality.

Chapter 9

The first rule of the house will be together, the home is not taught and who can teach, no. Reason gentleman not monks and education in the country: the filial piety, so one also; The younger brother, so it is a long also; The kindness, so that all the also. Kang again yue "such as the naked," XinCheng for the, although not miss it. Learn the adopted son and then not married also!
A benevolence, a country XingRen; A let, let a GuoXing; A man shall crime, a country insurrection; The machine so. This call a word FenShi, a man condemned kingdom. YaoShunShuai world to benevolence, and people from; JieZhou handsome the world to suddenly and violently, and people from; The make the them, and not from the people. Thus it is the gentleman has asked the people and, without the and the people have not. Who had hidden the body will not, and the people who can yu, not have also. So in the state's home.
Or: "tao zhi yaoyao leaves, the son of ZhenZhen; in return, appropriate his family." Appropriate his family, and then can teach people. Or: "appropriate brother appropriate brother." Appropriate brother appropriate younger brother, then can teach people. Or: "the instrument, it is not te four." The father and son full brother method, and then of the civil law. This call in the state's home.
The right of the nine chapters. Its release rule.

Chapter 10

The so-called flat in the world for the feeling emigre: honest and people on the filial piety, long and people on the younger brother, T-shirt and people not on lonely times, is Jie gentleman success of torque. The evil in, not to make the next; In the evil, not to matter; Hated before in, not to successively; After the hated in, not with the former; The evil in the right, not to pay to the left; The evil in the left, not to pay in right: this is called